Monday, December 10, 2012

Very Good Weekend

161. Living close enough to SeaWorld that we can spend a day there every now and then without an ordeal of a drive
162. Spending Saturday at SeaWorld with out-of-town friends
163. A wonderful babysitter who can handle Sunny whether she is stormy or sunny.
164. A fresh bucket of disclosure from Piper. She couldn't hold the hurt anymore and told me a bunch more pain from her past. More room for healing!
165. Approval for adoption therapy services for our family
166. Scholastic's warehouse sale. I got $180 of books for the kids for Christmas for $50!
167. An opportunity to show the love of Jesus to a lady in Target who was down on her luck. Who knew that buying a $5.84 bottle of shampoo for someone could make such a big impact?
168. Living in a town that has tornado sirens for days like today when you actually need tornado sirens
169. Safety in the storm
170. The autosave feature on Matt's computer that saved Snapper's big project before the computer froze

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Kathy C. said...

Hi. Saw your comment on Felicia's blog and thot I'd come over and check yours out. One of my children and I have Sea World passes but have only been there two days because we are up in the panhandle where you have to go north just to go east so you can go back south. Blah! I have two that choose to miss out on things too. Lots of criticism from those who haven't adopted children from an O.