Wednesday, December 5, 2012


131. The first, stuck cartwheel on the low beam at gymnastics for Bubbles!
132. 100% on last weeks reading and spelling tests for Piper (this is a big accomplishment for her)!
133. Winning the Golden Kick Board award at swim for Snapper, the award for being the hardest-working swimmer on the team in the last week!

134. The times Sunny looks at me and decides to make a good choice instead of throwing a fit
135. Pepper being the only kid in his class to as the spelling pre-test
136. A drizzly, foggy morning that makes my coffee seem that much better
137. My fleece robe
138. Beautiful Christmas artwork on the fridge, made my three of my budding artists
139. Friends who cook dinner for our family every Wednesday night before Awana, just to take the pressure off me
140. A wonderful relationship with my adopted girls' former foster mom

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