Saturday, December 15, 2012

December 14th

171. Our Sam's Club membership
172. All the Christmas gifts for my extended family members all packaged up and waiting to picked up by the postman
173. A generous gift from a dear friend in California
174. The anticipation of Christmas
175. Really nice Christmas cards at a really great price (thanks, Sam's Club!)
176. Each friend who will be receiving those cards
177. The courage of one of my former students as she reminded people to extend forgiveness to the school shooter yesterday
178. Her strength as she stood up for God's truth when she was blasted, mocked, and cursed at
179. God's joy that filled her in the midst...and spilled over, putting my perspective in check
180. I am thankful that my kids were waiting for me safe and sound at the car line yesterday.
181. Polar Express
182. That Bubbles got to go to a birthday sleepover for a good friend
183. 100% on a difficult vocabulary test for Bubbles...a major accomplishment!
184. That Sunny had nine good days in a row before she broke the streak
185. The knowledge that we get to start family adoption therapy this week!
186. A delightful staff meeting yesterday
187. Getting to use my creativity at work to make an eternal difference in the lives of families
188. White lights on my Christmas tree
189. Cold pizza for breakfast
190. Free babysitting tonight!


Southern Belle said...

Your thankful list is inspiring and a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness in your day to day life.

Stef said...

alright, these have been awesome to read - thanks!
Also, for your friend... God bless her.