Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

All day long my thoughts are on the story--the true story--of God, born in human flesh, in a stable, so many years ago. He didn't choose to come in pomp and glory. He didn't enamor the world with his good looks, charm, or wealth. In His infinite wisdom, He chose to come in a way that everyone could relate to. He came as a baby, and was born in the humblest of settings. The world was changed that night, as God gave us a direct line to Him. Through His birth, perfect life, death, and resurrection, all people can experience forgiveness of sin, a personal relationship with The God of the universe, and the promise of eternity spent with Him.

There is no greater gift!

Tonight our family will put out cookies for Santa, and carrots for his reindeer. We'll listen together for bells in the sky and hooves on our roof. The kids know it's a rather elaborate game of make-believe, but it is still fun to play.

But before we do any of that, we'll carol our neighbors and deliver treats we have made with love. We'll celebrate Christ's birth with our family at church. We'll have a Bradley the Bear puppet show at home (another tradition) to talk more with the kids about the true meaning of Christmas. We'll read a few more Christmas stories. I love today!

This Christmas I have one thing for which I am so thankful that it deserves a post all its own...

321. Getting to hear a precious, little heartbeat. The promise of a new niece or nephew, arriving in 2013!!!!!

Merry Christmas Eve!

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