Friday, December 7, 2012

Feeling Blessed Today

151. Watching Snapper being herself with a group of swim team friends who completely love and accept her.
152. 104% on Snapper's Science quiz (This is awesome because Science was rough on her for the first trimester of this school year)
153. Lunch with Snapper's teacher from last year, who has become a cherished friend
154. The wonderful smell of fresh laundry
155. Two hours of sewing this afternoon
156. The other room moms from Bubbles' class who are such a great help to me as I lead the team of room moms
157. Christmas cards from friends in Florida, Washington, Missouri and Louisiana
158. The huge bathtub in the master bathroom
159. Seeing wonderful progress in school for Bubbles, the hardest working kids ever!
160. A good day with Sunny. I do not take good days for granted, because bad days are really bad. Those bad days make the good days all the more precious to me.

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