Friday, December 21, 2012


281. Feeling well enough to go shopping
282. Having Target and the mall less than 10 minutes away from my house
283. Gift wrap at Dollar Tree
284. Impromptu dance party in the living room with all five kids
285. Only four school days for the kids in the next month (winter break + adoption trip)
286. Daily signs that my littlest chick's attachment to Matt and me is growing
287. Being totally finished with Christmas shopping and wrapping
288. The pair of muscovy ducks that has taken up residence in our front yard. They are so cute!
289. Five willing house cleaning helpers
290. The week's accumulated grime has been vanquished. It's amazing how filthy a house can get in one week! I have my regular housecleaning routine that involves vacuuming, wiping down bathrooms, and sweeping almost every day. One week of being too sick to clean made a mess of the house. The kids worked very hard to help me clean it!
291. New socks and underwear
292. A generous gift card in the mail from a friend!!!
293. Another choice by Bubbles to let go of part of her past in order to move forward
294. A sweet note from Pepper's teacher telling me how much she loves getting to be his teacher. (He came home today glowing with pride because she told him what a smart, special kid he is)
295. Our DVR
296. Oregon Chai Tea
297. A very sweet email from Bubbles' teacher
298. The family of raccoons that is chattering outside my window
299. Clean sheets
300. Stepping on the scale this morning and realizing that I have lost 35 pounds since July, I am more than halfway to my goal weight, and I weigh less than I have in the last 8 years! And jeans are as comfortable as sweats, which has not been the case for many years!!! Yay me!!!

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