Friday, July 22, 2016

Catching Up

Since my last post...on May 30...much to report!

  • Successful move from on coast to the other
  • Buying a 5-acre farm!
  • Settling in
  • Building a goat barn and chicken coop
  • Buying 2 dairy goats, one of which has since had babies!
  • Teaching the kiddos how to milk and care for goats
  • Buying a small flock of chickens
  • Teaching the kiddos how to care for chickens
  • Planting a garden, which is thriving!
  • Getting started with an amazing pediatrician who is trauma-informed and specializes in behavioral health and neurology
  • Easy access to mental health care for our Sunny
  • Getting established with a great new therapist!
  • Getting five kids registered at three different schools
  • Hubby starting his new job
  • Canning gallons of cherries from our tree
  • Canning gallons of apricot jam and syrup 
  • A mini vacation to Portland 
  • Visits from friends and my sister and her family
  • Celebrating birthdays and holidays with family
  • Attempted suicide by a child and an ensuing call to the crisis hotline
  • Two children making new BFFs
  • First bee stings for three kids
  • Starting to compost
  • Kiddo sleepovers at Grandma's house
  • Our 15th anniversary!
  • And perhaps the most significant of all...a ruptured posterior tibial tendon for Mommy, which means major reconstructive surgery next week. 
And summer is only halfway over!

Monday, May 30, 2016

Closing a Novel

Someone said to me yesterday that we're "closing a chapter" in our lives. Nope...this is more like completing a novel in a series. We've spent six years in Central Florida. We've made close friends, put down deep roots, adopted three kids, given birth to another kid, moved three times, bought a house, had kids at four different schools, and made a gazillion memories. No, this isn't a chapter...this is a novel.

The house is all packed up. The truck is loaded. Matt is finishing loading the U-Haul trailer that he'll tow with our mattresses, bedding, towels, and other last-minute things. I'm cleaning the house today. Even though we'll still sleep here for two more nights, we won't be home except to sleep.

On Wednesday morning we'll blow kisses and breathe prayers of thanks over our years here and move westward for a fresh start.

Goodbyes are hard and moving sucks, but it's time and I'm ready.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Budding Artist

I had a conference with Sunny's teacher this morning. We went over Sunny's portfolio of work from the year. At this time last year, I was agonizing over the decision I had to make to retain her in 1st grade. The school wasn't in support of my decision, and I had to fight for it. But I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that she was NOT emotionally or cognitively ready for 2nd grade. This morning's conference couldn't have been more different! This time I can celebrate the end of 1st grade, knowing that my girl has a solid enough foundation to move forward with confidence. Goodness knows she struggles enough just with the basics of life! The last thing she needs is constant frustration at school. During the conference, her teacher showed me some of the beautiful art piece Sunny created this school year. I got to bring home the portfolio. Three of the piece take my breath away. They were done on her tracing, no instruction. Just her creativity. I love the use of color. I love the representation of her ideas. I think once we get moved and settled, I'm going to invest in some formal art classes for her. I think it will be therapeutic as well as fun. So without further ado, check out these 8-year-old masterpieces!