Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project 365: Week 4

Snapper's ribbons from the Area 2 Championship Meet! Ten events, ten new personal best times, ten top-ten finishes, seven top-eight finishes!

Matt is Mr. Handy. He fixed the sprinklers for our landlord.

Pepper's class had Rodeo Day, complete with stick horse races. Pepper's horse Shredder "was too hungry to run fast," finishing last in the races. However, Shedder (made by Mommy) was too adorable, and won a design medal for Pepper.

Pepper's first visit to the dentist. He got an A+ for oral hygiene and health!

We had Asian food night with our best Orlando buds, John & Laura and Curt & Tracie. Homemade Asian food, yummy drinks, games, and lots of laughter made a fantastic evening.

Our cat Pixie regularly catches this black garden snake that lives in our yard, and she always brings it in the house. Matt taught Pepper how to handle the snake--named Mr. Cloven Battle Droid Snake--so that Mommy always has a man around to take Cloven back outside.

My kids love to play dress-up together.

Project 365: Week 3

Testing out the new fishing pole at the beach in Cape Canaveral. No bites, but still fun.

Grandma made her famous popovers for breakfast. Yum!

My first quilt is finished! I made it for my new nephew, Aiden.

Ack! Is this boy cute or what? I want to eat his precious face!

We had dinner at the beach on Grandma's last day here. She loves to play with the kids.

If you look closely, you can see that Snapper is crying. Goodbyes are so hard.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project 365: Week 2

Daddy's birthday gift: a big fishing pole for ocean fishing

Snapper loves swim team!

Zoe loves to sleep in a box

Snapper and buddies with Coach G at the Championship Meet

Snapper had her swim meet event info written on her arm. Little A wanted to be just like Snapper, so she wrote on her arm, too. And on her legs.

Pretty shell for a pretty girl at St. Pete Beach

Grandma is here from Spokane for a week!

Project 365: Week 1

Cuddly kiddos

Green eggs and bacon to celebrate Dr. Suess' birthday

Pixie and Daddy love to play rough

We spent a day at SeaWorld with my lifelong friend Sarah and her hubby Chris

First orange blossom of spring!

Momma Sandhill Crane and her chicks. Matt says they look like ducklings on stilts.

Cute new glasses for Snapper

Project 365 and a Little Laughter

Over the last few months I have totally neglected my poor blog. All my creative efforts have gone into making a quilt for my brand new nephew, and into trying to play catch-up with Pepper's scrapbook. The good news is that I sent the quilt off to Spokane yesterday, and Pepper's scrapbook is only his 2-year-old year away from being current! The not-as-good news is that I haven't touched Snapper's scrapbook since her 6th birthday...and she is closing in on turning 9. My desire to simplify my scrapbooking efforts has led me to try a new scrapbooking concept: Project 365. My friend Taya did an amazing job of taking a photo each day for a year, and posting them on her blog each week. I followed it throughout the year, and then sniffled and boo-hooed through the video her hubs made out of all the photos at the end of the year. It was beautiful, and such fun. So I am giving it a go. My Project 365 began March 1st. I will {try to} post my photos weekly. This is something fairly simple that will keep me blogging even though my inspiration well is experiencing drought. I will post the first 3 weeks in separate posts.

I also have to post a few kiddos funnies before I forget them.

Snapper (8 1/2): After swimming a no-breather 25-yard Freestyle race at her swim meet last weekend, Snapper came coughing and wheezing out of the pool. She announced to another team mom, "I am coughing like a weasel!" 

Pepper (4 1/2): As a severe thunderstorm rolled in, I did my happy dance at the sight of a big lightning strike. After inquiring as to the cause of my funny dancing, Pepper said: "Well Mom, your happy dance looks an awful lot like my potty dance!"

Pepper: Snapper has been studying perimeter and area in math. At the dinner table one night, we were discussing the concept of square footage. Without missing a beat, Pepper broke into boisterous song..."SpongeBob SquareFoot! SpongeBob SquareFoot!"

Pepper: "Mom, when I grow up to be old, I am going to have 8 kids. 4 boys and 4 girls. And I already know their names. The boys will be Jack, Luke, John, and Connor. The girls will be Jessie, Lily, Ellie, and Mandy." Now he just has to find a wife who wants 4 boys and 4 girls, and who is willing to only have a say in what their middle names are!