Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Project 365 and a Little Laughter

Over the last few months I have totally neglected my poor blog. All my creative efforts have gone into making a quilt for my brand new nephew, and into trying to play catch-up with Pepper's scrapbook. The good news is that I sent the quilt off to Spokane yesterday, and Pepper's scrapbook is only his 2-year-old year away from being current! The not-as-good news is that I haven't touched Snapper's scrapbook since her 6th birthday...and she is closing in on turning 9. My desire to simplify my scrapbooking efforts has led me to try a new scrapbooking concept: Project 365. My friend Taya did an amazing job of taking a photo each day for a year, and posting them on her blog each week. I followed it throughout the year, and then sniffled and boo-hooed through the video her hubs made out of all the photos at the end of the year. It was beautiful, and such fun. So I am giving it a go. My Project 365 began March 1st. I will {try to} post my photos weekly. This is something fairly simple that will keep me blogging even though my inspiration well is experiencing drought. I will post the first 3 weeks in separate posts.

I also have to post a few kiddos funnies before I forget them.

Snapper (8 1/2): After swimming a no-breather 25-yard Freestyle race at her swim meet last weekend, Snapper came coughing and wheezing out of the pool. She announced to another team mom, "I am coughing like a weasel!" 

Pepper (4 1/2): As a severe thunderstorm rolled in, I did my happy dance at the sight of a big lightning strike. After inquiring as to the cause of my funny dancing, Pepper said: "Well Mom, your happy dance looks an awful lot like my potty dance!"

Pepper: Snapper has been studying perimeter and area in math. At the dinner table one night, we were discussing the concept of square footage. Without missing a beat, Pepper broke into boisterous song..."SpongeBob SquareFoot! SpongeBob SquareFoot!"

Pepper: "Mom, when I grow up to be old, I am going to have 8 kids. 4 boys and 4 girls. And I already know their names. The boys will be Jack, Luke, John, and Connor. The girls will be Jessie, Lily, Ellie, and Mandy." Now he just has to find a wife who wants 4 boys and 4 girls, and who is willing to only have a say in what their middle names are!

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Ross and Taya said...

Yay!!! You're going to LOVE it! =) Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing photos. =)