Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Project 365: Week 4

Snapper's ribbons from the Area 2 Championship Meet! Ten events, ten new personal best times, ten top-ten finishes, seven top-eight finishes!

Matt is Mr. Handy. He fixed the sprinklers for our landlord.

Pepper's class had Rodeo Day, complete with stick horse races. Pepper's horse Shredder "was too hungry to run fast," finishing last in the races. However, Shedder (made by Mommy) was too adorable, and won a design medal for Pepper.

Pepper's first visit to the dentist. He got an A+ for oral hygiene and health!

We had Asian food night with our best Orlando buds, John & Laura and Curt & Tracie. Homemade Asian food, yummy drinks, games, and lots of laughter made a fantastic evening.

Our cat Pixie regularly catches this black garden snake that lives in our yard, and she always brings it in the house. Matt taught Pepper how to handle the snake--named Mr. Cloven Battle Droid Snake--so that Mommy always has a man around to take Cloven back outside.

My kids love to play dress-up together.


Lori said...

That dentist picture is amazing!!

Smarshie said...

Your pictures are wonderful. They're like little snapshots into what's going on in your life.

Southern Belle said...

Wow, I sure hope my kids will sit still for the dentist like yours did. I so enjoy your Project 365.