Thursday, December 20, 2012

December Morning

261. Bleach. It gives me confidence that all the bacteria are killed...the bacteria growing in Sunny's carseat from the whole cup of chocolate milk she dumped in it
262. 5-point harnesses in contain children who otherwise won't follow seatbelt rules
263. Our first adoptive family therapy appointment (the jury is still out on how well it went)
264. Our across the street neighbor who is giving us her notary services for free
265. Our adoption petition, the document that needs notary services!
266. Winter Break afternoon R&R...the hour (or more, depending) all the kids spend in bed reading or writing every afternoon
267. A delightful evening spent with Snapper last night
268. A sweet high school friend of ours who is a wonderful babysitter
269. The Foster Parent Association in our area's provision of a pile of gifts for our kids
270. A lunch date with my hubby. It was so nice to get out of the house for a couple of hours this morning
271. Afternoon nap time (coming up for me)
272. The gift of a s'mores kit from Bubbles' teacher
273. New photos of Bubbles, Piper, and Sunny to hang on our wall
274. Lysol wipes
275. The beautiful, dark wood of our dining room table
276. Creativity to make costumes...Joseph, an angel, two wisemen, and one donkey
277. Indoor plumbing
278. Glittery snowflake art on my wall, made at school by Sunny
279. December evening neighborhood gathering
280. Flavored creamers for my coffee

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