Sunday, December 16, 2012

This Post Makes Me Hungry!

191. A wonderful evening out with our dear friends Brad and Kathy
192. Artichoke crusted steak medallions with a mushroom marsala sauce, garlic mashed potatoes, and a wedge salad with bacon, tomatoes, and gorgonzola cheese and dressing. OH MY YUM!
192. Pumpkin creme brulee for dessert
193. The Hobbit
194. Two delightful, competent high school babysitters who took fabulous care of the kids...for free!
195. The priceless blessing of dear friends
196. Phenylephrine nasal spray
197. The softness of Kleenex...the kind with lotion in it
198. My heating pad
199. Bacon for breakfast
200. A wonderful church in which God's Word is proclaimed honestly, deeply, and without shame or apology
201. Reclining seats in my van
202. A 6-year-old daughter who is so comforted by being close to me that she was able to fall asleep on me in our van in the church parking lot this morning
203. The effectiveness of children's Motrin for relieving bad headaches
204. A delightful day spent doing Christmas activities with my family
204. Two solid hours of my kids running, playing, and climbing a cargo net play structure
205. All five kids asleep within two minutes of being put to bed, thanks to the cargo nets!
206. The satisfying home feeling I get when I drive into our neighborhood
207. Hot chocolate
208. The big chair in my living room from which I post 90% of my blogs. This chair is MY chair and I luff it.
209. Cold, fresh water to drink whenever I am thirsty
210. My kitty's obvious adoration of me. There's nothing like her sweet meows, purrs, and weaving in and out of my legs whenever I come near her. It is fun to be adored!

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