Wednesday, December 19, 2012


This thankfulness thing has been really good for me. Now that my eyes are more in the habit of looking for blessings, I am seeing so much more! I have to post for a second time today so I don't forget.

241. A lovely, long chat with my step-mom when she called me this morning
242. Knowing that she prays for me every day
243. The Christmas cards and letters that are filling my mailbox every afternoon. I LOVE THEM ALL!
244. A sacrificial gift to our ministry. Sweet giver, I know you read this blog. We know the heart behind your gift, and we are grateful!
245. A Starbucks gift card in the mail from a friend who just wanted to encourage Matt and me
246. The laughter of the four of my kids who are roller skating in the driveway. They are laughing because they are making up their own version of Rudolph, in which Rudolph has a shiny red bellybutton full of lint that looks like pieces of Santa's beard...okay...???
247. That Snapper's grounding and my pneumonia are giving us an evening alone together
248. The depth and quality of our network of friends in Florida. I realized again today just how blessed we are by the people who are part of our everyday life.
249. A cup of Emergen-C, made for me (without being asked) by a concerned daughter
250. Pepper losing track of time in his afternoon book rest and reading for an hour-and-a-half
251. The amazing creativity of my 8-year-old daughter, Bubbles. She built a nativity scene out of construction paper, staples, and tape.
252. 6-year-old Piper offering to prepare snack for her brother and sisters
253. Concerned love pats and run-by kisses from Sunny all morning
254. Spending a whole morning watching Christmas movies, just Sunny and me
255. A newsy letter carrying my love to my 95-year-old Granny in California
256. My January project for work completed
257. A series of delightful emails between my sister and me
258. Packages in the mail from family and friends all across the country
259. Afternoon sunshine brightening my living room
260. Dinner prepared for our family tonight by a good friend

See? My heart is just overflowing. I am so very blessed!