Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What I've Learned

Wow...Tuesday came fast for me this week! It's time for another installment of What I've Learned. I'm all linked in to the weekly What I've Learned Carnival at Musings of A Housewife. It's really fun to read what other people have learned, too. Here's my little learning list.

1. Do not try to seed your lawn in Arkansas in March, April, or May. For a California native, this is the perfect time to plant a lawn. When we seeded our lawn 10 days ago, we forgot to factor in the one thing that is certain about Arkansas weather: it is entirely unpredictable. I think my husband shed some real tears as his lawn seed waved goodbye on it's journey to the storm drain during the severe thunderstorm on Thursday. Maybe the Arkansas River will benefit from the seed...
What I Learned: Next year buy sod.

2. Matt and I took the DISC personality profile test this week as an assignment from Life Change. We've both taken it before, but it has been 4 years. It was remarkable to take it again, and to look at our results. The last time we took it was a few months before we moved here. Everything in our lives was topsy turvy. Taking the test now that we've been solidly settled for a while made a big difference. Reading the analysis of my personality was amazing...it explains a lot about me and the way I function in certain situations. Discussing my profile with Matt and looking at his profile in relationship to mine gave us a lot of stuff to think about. Email me if you want more info about this very cool test.
What I learned: I'm a Beaver (high C) off the charts.

3. I had another portrait session yesterday. This time I was photographing our friends the Morrises. They are sweet couple who works up at LifeChange with us. Their son, daughter-in-law, and new grandson are in town this week, and they wanted family photos. So I made the drive out to the Old Mill, which is my favorite photo location, and is one of the most beautiful spots in Central Arkansas. It's totally worth the drive to shoot there.
What I Learned: Photography is not just a hobby for me--it's a passion. I need to keep developing it and pursuing it.
Here are a few of my favorite photos from the session.

Daddy B, Mommy J, and Baby C. Sweet family.

Auntie S loves Baby C.

A tender moment

The whole family

You can tell who is the center of attention in this family!

I just love this one.

Grampy L and Grandma S, very much in love. My favorite shot of the day.


Lori said...

I love seeing pictures of couples older than us still so in love. Warms my heart! Great shots!

Anonymous said...

oo those photos are beautiful. I love the bright colors all of them were wearing!

Jaime said...

The pictures are beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing!


Wendy said...

So sad about the grass seed... Yup, CA is quite a bit different!

So what does being a beaver mean? And is there a charge to take that test?

Love the pictures!

Ross and Taya said...

the photos are fantastic emily, love them! btw, i'm a beaver too. =)

Musings of a Housewife said...

What sweet photographs! I particularly love the black & whites. And I wish I had your knack. :-)

JanMary said...

Wonderful photos - so far I have just photographed my own kids, but would love to photograph another family. You have captured some beautiful moments, I am sure they were delighted with the results.