Thursday, March 12, 2009

Snapper and Pepper

This blog thing has really taken off! I'm starting to get more traffic through here, frequently getting comments from people I don't know. To protect our family's identity, I am taking some big steps.

1. I will be changing the address of my blog. I want to give you plenty of time to make the switch.

On March 20th I will be changing my address to:

2. I have removed my children's names and replaced them with Snapper and Pepper. Snapper and Pepper are the nicknames my parents have for the kids. My girl was named Snapper when she was just 2, and was staying with my parents while Matt and I were at job training in Florida. My boy was named Pepper on this last trip. He calls my dad Pepper, and my parents call my boy Pepper. Quite cute, really.

3. I will be substituting "LifeChange" for the name of where we work. After all, that's what it is all about!

So make those changes to your blogrolls and feeds! Thanks for following!

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