Sunday, March 15, 2009

Savoring Sunday

Wye Mountain is a secluded spot about 30 minutes west of Little Rock. There's a tiny Methodist church on the mountain. The church sits on 10 acres, 7 of which are covered with daffodils. During the peak of the daffodil bloom season, the church hosts a daffodil festival. You can make the trek up the mountain and play in the daffodil field free of charge. They even have a u-pick section roped off in the field. Daffodils are $1 per dozen. Every spring since Pepper was born, we have taken a day and gone up to Wye Mountain as a family to play in the flowers and to take pictures. It is a beautiful piece of Arkansas, a great, inexpensive way to enjoy time as a family. The daffodil bloom peak landed on this weekend. We had planned to go up as a family, along with Deb-Deb and her boyfriend, Ryan. Today is Deb's 19th birthday, and we thought a picnic in the daffodils would be a fun birthday celebration. Well, Matt is still in Colorado. So there will be no Wye Mountain picture of our family this year. But I got some fantastic shots of Deb-Deb and Ryan, as well as a bunch of Snapper and Pepper. We took sandwiches and cupcakes with us, and enjoyed them while sitting in the grass, surrounded by daffodils. I even brought a candle and matches so we could sing and Deb could make her birthday wish. It was a special time, and I savored every moment. Here are my favorite pictures from today. Enjoy!

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Matt said...

AWWWWW! Make me get all 'moist'! Those are great photos! I am so amazed at how you capture such precious moments! It's almost as if I was there for the whole thing. Beautiful! I love you!

RachelRuelas said...

what a beautiful day!!!!!!!!!!!!
That is such an amazing place. i wish i could visit there sometime, what an inexpensive place to get flowers :)