Friday, March 13, 2009

Savoring Friday

It is 10:30 p.m. Friday is officially over for me. Tomorrow has a full to-do list, so I'll post my savor moments now. Today started a bit rough when I sent my hubby to Colorado early this morning. The day improved as it progressed. It was much easier to find those moments to savor today. I have a few to report.

1. For Valentine's Day, I bought Snapper a latchhook rug kit, her first. We spent an hour on the couch together while I taught her how to do the work on it. She really enjoyed it, and I loved the quiet, cooperative time with my daughter.

2. Once a month I play Bunko with a group of my friends. Tonight was Bunko night for March, and I savored each moment of conversation and laughter with my sweet friends. The yummy breakfast for dinner was awesome, too!

3. Definitely the highlight of the day for me...
Stop reading here if you are squeamish about bodily functions.
HOWEVER, if you are a mom, you will probably want to press ahead for a good laugh.

Next week I'm taking my first grad school course. It's a graduate level Old Testament Survey class. I'm really excited! I've had to do a lot of reading over the past few weeks. So this morning, I was sitting on the couch reading my Bible. Snapper was playing on the Wii. Pepper was contentedly emptying my tupperware cabinet, and pretending that the wooden spoon and plastic turkey baster were drumsticks or hammers or something else that makes a satisfying, loud noise. I got so engrossed in 2 Kings that I failed to notice when the banging stopped. Apparently I missed the sound of the pantry door being opened, too.

After a while--who knows how long--the quiet got too loud. For those of you who know my son, you know that quiet is NEVER good, except maybe when he's sleeping. I jumped up and headed into the kitchen to check on Mr. Devious. Here is what I saw. Look closely!

There he sat in the midst of a pile of candy wrappers, lollipops in his hands, contentedly chowing down on candy from our candy bowl. I grabbed the camera and snapped the picture. What you don't see in this picture are the 10 candy wrappers he was sitting on. Or the gum wrappers beside the fridge. Or the other handful of candy wrappers on the floor to the right of the trash can. I counted: 22 empty candy wrappers and a brand-new package of gum (I don't know how he got the plastic off of it!)...Gone.

I scolded him firmly (thus the silly, half-angry expression on his face), disciplined him, washed him, fed him some good, solid food, and put him down for an early nap. I removed the candy bowl to a higher shelf and went about my day. 3 hours later, Pepper quietly emerged from his bed and snuck back into the kitchen. On finding the candy bowl moved higher in the pantry, he pulled a chair over to the pantry, and feasted again. This time, he only managed 8 pieces before I found him. This time I figured I would let the candy provide its own punishment. I was not disappointed!

On the way to Bunko tonight, Pepper whined and complained over and over about his tummy hurting. I calmly explained to him that his tummy hurt from eating too much candy. I reiterated that Mommy knows what is best for Pepper, and that is why I don't let him eat lots of candy. When we arrived at my friend's house (ironically, her name is Candy), I lifted Pepper out of his carseat and discovered that his tummyache had worked its way through. I did not know the magnitude of the explosion until I got him inside and onto the changing table.

Oh, how glad I am that I had put Pepper's padded training pants on over his diaper (to help his pants stay up) before we left the house! Can we say diarrhea!?! I peeled back his diaper and confirmed that Pepper had eaten:
A pack of pink Orbit gum
Several Gobstoppers, swallowed whole (thanking God he didn't choke...I didn't even know we had those!)
Three different colors of Airheads
Laffy Taffy
And something with peanuts in it

It was a regular candy store in Pepper's pants! I have never seen such colorful poop! I laughed and gagged and scolded him again before scrubbing that boy, and gingerly removing the "candy pants" to the outside trash can.

Yes, I even savored that! Not the diaper, of course, but the antics of my innovative, determined, sweet-toothed, 2 1/2-year-old. Oh, how I love that boy, mischief and all.

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Stef said...

haha! its never good if we can't hear Rachel, for the same exact reasons. Last month at Coscto I suddenly noticed she had gum in her mouth and I had no gum in my purse. So I asked her where she got it and she pointed underneath the table in the snack bar and said "it was stuck up under here!!!" gross.