Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Savoring Monday and a Reminder

Reminder first: On Friday, March 20th (that's this Friday), my blog address will be changing. This is to protect the privacy of my family. Make sure you make note of the new address, because the current one will take you nowhere starting on Saturday.


When I graduated from college 7 years ago, I sat in the passenger seat of my Daddy's car and cried as we drove away from the campus, closing the door on my college years. I'm not saying I loved every minute of my years in school. There were plenty of classes I did not enjoy, boring professors, hideous group projects, and pointless papers. But most of the time, I loved school. The best part about those years was the mental stimulation. As I studied, listened, discussed, debated, researched, and wrote, I felt alive. There's nothing like the thrill of learning something new, something exciting, something you can apply to real life. That summarizes my college experience.

After graduation, teaching elementary school offered more of that mental stimulation, primarily in figuring out a variety of ways to meet my students' different learning styles. I loved teaching, loved my kids.

When we moved here to Arkansas, I became a full-time, stay-at-home mom. I love this job! It is a continual challenge to meet the physical, spiritual, and emotional needs of my children. It is a challenge to keep life--and our budget--in balance. And I still haven't figured how to keep my house even somewhat tidy, meals planned and healthy, children bathed and content, husband happy and loved, and myself sane.

As much as I love being at home, I have missed the deeper thinking that was part of daily life for me 4 years ago. I have wanted to get back into the learner mentality, but I didn't know when. When the opportunity presented itself for me to begin graduate studies with a great seminary without having to go out of town, I jumped on it. My class is every morning for a week, and takes place up at the office. Hooray for our employer who brings professors in from time to time to teach classes for the enrichment of our staff!

I savored all 4 hours of class this morning. I love learning new things, especially since the topic is foundational for my life. My goal is to take one class each quarter over the next 4 years. It will keep my mind fresh, help me avoid becoming stagnant in my primary role of wife and mom, and will deepen my relationship the Lord. Yup, that's a lot to savor!

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RachelRuelas said...

wow that is so great Em! I am there with you, I've been taking piano lessons, and just being back in a class room setting is SO refeshing! :)
I pray you grow ever more in the Lord and become even a better wife and mother from your time outside the home! yay how fun!