Friday, March 27, 2009

Face Value

Snapper and Pepper are two very expressive kiddos. I can read their little faces like books, whether they're trying to be expressive or not. I captured a few moments today. They were too funny not to share.

Snapper is too much ham. She sees the camera and can't look away. Li'l Miss Drama as always! I couldn't get any candids of her funny expressions. But she had fun making silly faces for the camera. She's in a silly phase recently, so I suppose these photos are appropriate, even if they're totally posed.

Unlike Snapper, Pepper has no great love for the camera. I managed to snap this shot while Pepper was watching Snapper clown around for the camera.

Once he saw the camera pointed at him, though, he turned on me and flashed me his famous "Evil Eye." To do justice to him, I must mention that he has an ugly fever/stomach virus. What sicko in their right mind would want their picture taken? I had to laugh, though. This expression is SUCH a classic Pepper face! Isn't he cute when he's mad?


Wendy said...

Please tell me that you told them, "If you do that their faces would stay like that forever!" :o)

Stef said...

oh goodness, I could not get over the bright red nail polish. :)