Saturday, February 2, 2013

Bummer Day

Some days it's just plain old hard to find things to be thankful. Today is one of those days. It's time to put on my God-vision and look at things from a different perspective. I will find 20 things to be thankful for today because I need a reality check.

521. Snapper--though she didn't meet her goal of finishing her cross country race on the podium--was the 3rd place 10-year-old girl from her school, and placed 17th overall. Not bad considering there are 15 10-year-old girls from our school, and about 60 total. She ran a mile in 6:35. This is great, if the mile is accurate. The host school said it was an exact mile, but I'm a little skeptical. That's a pretty quick mile for a 10-year-old...
522. Finding a gas station that hadn't raised its prices yet
523. That my kids were super messy this week. I know, that sounds totally weird to say! But messy kids mean more chores for them on Saturdays, and a lighter load for me.
524. That the house is fresh and clean (except for the carpet because our vacuum bag burst), even if the cleaning took 5 hours (slow moving kids)
525. That Sunny's body chose to get sick this week, which is a quiet, low-key week with no plans
526. A solid, 3-hour nap for Sunny
527. She initiated the nap. This never happens, folks!
528. That no one was in our Dodge Caravan when the tractor hit it...
529. That the fruit harvesting company responsible for {most likely} totaling our van has insurance
530. That it was our old Caravan that got munched, not our newer Odyssey
531. That the mechanic who was working on our Odyssey's power steering was able to finish his repairs today and deliver the van to our house, since we couldn't drive out to pick it up
532. That all three of my adopted girls are asking for help in shedding pain from the past and are ready to move forward
533. Bubbles asking me to embroider "I love you" on the new blanket I made for her as a visible reminder of how much I love her
534. Children's Motrin
535. Having a Domino's Pizza right down the street for nights when I have used up my every last ounce of energy cleaning and policing and nursing
536. Knowing that the clean house speaks my husband's love language, and the hard work doesn't go unappreciated
537. The reassuring knowledge that God already knew that today would be hard, and that He is with me when I'm struggling
538. Phineas and Ferb. My kids love to watch it on Saturday evenings.
539. My dishwasher
540. Physical fatigue. It increases my chances of sleeping well tonight.

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