Monday, February 25, 2013

Daytona 500 Perfection!

641. A wonderful day with Snapper yesterday, just the two of us, at the Daytona 500!

642. That we got to meet and talk to our favorite driver, Jimmie Johnson!

643. That during the Q&A session with Jimmie, Snapper was chosen to ask him a question! The question: "Do you always get butterflies in your tummy before you race?" His answer: "Yes! I always get butterflies, but they are worse than usual today because it is the first race of the season, and I'll be pack racing for the first time in the new Gen 6 car. And this is the Daytona 500! I really want to win this thing." She's holding the microphone and talking to him in this photo.

644. When Jimmie came around autographing the Lowe's 48 cars that the kids had built while waiting for Jimmie to arrive, he said to Snapper, "That was a great question you asked me, Sweetie!" She was thrilled!

645. He signed my Daytona 500 ticket, too, even though he was only supposed to be signing the kids' cars. He did it for Snapper.

646. Kid sized Jimmie shirts on sale at the Team 48 hauler...$8, regular price $18!!!

647. The goofy, happy drunk guy who was sitting behind us...he was absolutely entertaining, and solidified Snapper's decision never to drink. LOL!!!
648. Snapper's absolute delight throughout the race. "Mommy, the cars are so loud that my whole body can hear them!!! I feel so alive!"

649: JIMMIE WON THE RACE!!! Could the day have been any more perfect for my girl and me?
650. Coming home to an email from our tax lady informing us that we're getting a large tax return this year! Seeing as how we've owed at least $1800 the last two years, getting money back is a huge deal!

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Tara said...

As soon as he won, I said "well I know that made Emily's day!" (He isn't my favorite though) Glad y'all had a wonderful time. Very exciting to get to meet him, get an autograph AND to ask him a question!!

Being around drunk people is a good reminder of why I decided to never On top of acting crazy, they stink!