Thursday, February 7, 2013

Blessings Everywhere I Look!

561. A three-hour phone conversation with my sister
562. The anticipation of becoming an auntie again in June (my sister's first baby is due then)
563. Making Valentines with Sunny, who is still sick. Strep throat on top of the flu.
564. Antibiotics
565. Getting bitten by the cleaning bug today, and doing a whole lot of housework
566. Clorox wipes (to disinfect all the surfaces in our house)
567. Dressers and closets full of clean laundry
568. A great, encouraging conference with Bubbles' teacher
569. A relieving conference with Piper's teacher
570. My crock pot
571. A check filled with love from a dear friend who couldn't really afford it. It came at just the right time.
572. The anticipation of Sunny's 5th birthday
573. My kids memorizing Scripture, and retaining it!
574. Bubbles applying Scripture to her own life
575. That the three older girls have decided they are tired of mess
576. The contract the three of them wrote and signed with each other this morning, promising to work together to keep their room neat and pretty (YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
577. Piper's heart responsive (no longer hard) to discipline
578. Constant Comment tea
579. Curious George, Sunny's favorite!
580. A really encouraging email from a friend who is willing to help me tread some scary, unknown waters with one of my girls

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angela ford said...

So exciting about Piper. Any chance I could have another invite :-)