Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Better Day

551. A broken fever!
552. Sunny gets to go back to school tomorrow
553. She said she missed her teacher today...a good sign in the realm of attachment
554. The fun of making matching dresses for Piper and her American Girl doll today
555. Another big secret off Piper's chest. It was painful for her to tell me, and gut wrenching for me to hear, but she feels a whole lot better for having told it.
556. A therapist who is highly experienced and trained in addressing the issues Piper disclosed to me. There is help for her and help for me, and we start addressing it on Friday.
557. A spontaneous apology from Sunny. She's showing signs of beginning to develop empathy and moral awareness! Another hugely encouraging thing in the healing process for my adopted girls!
558. Our new YMCA membership!!!
559. Cheerleading class for Piper and Art class for Sunny at the YMCA...for no extra fees!
560. Taco Tuesday at Del Taco. Our family of 7 ate dinner for $8.00 tonight! You can't beat that!

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