Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Week

601. For the creative ability to make 95 cute Valentines for the kids to exchange with their friends at school parties
602. That the marshmallow lollipops I made came out great and were tasty, even if I did forget to take a picture of them.
603. For really, really helps sore muscles.
604. Sweet words from Sunny this morning: "Who needs comfty clothes when they've got you for a momma! I'll just wear you today, Mommy."
605. Sunny put all 26 letters of the alphabet in correct order, all by herself!!! She has her teachers fooled into thinking she's academically low, but I know better!
606. A really awesome bargain on Matt's Valentine's Day gift, which makes it all the sweeter. He and I both love a good deal on high quality stuff! It was a {desperately needed} $50 wallet for $16, by the way.
607. A phone call from my Daddy I love that man!
608. My sweet niece Alexandria. She celebrated her 6th birthday yesterday. I hate living 3,000 miles away.
609. That EMDR therapy brings up good memories of the happy times Piper has had with our family, not just the bad memories of her birth family
610. Piper finished her first Awana book on Wednesday night!

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