Monday, February 4, 2013

On the Mend

541. For the children's hospital in our town. It was empty when I took Sunny in at 6:00 a.m. on Sunday. Her fever was 105.2.
542. Attentive doctors and caring nurses
543. That it was Influenza A, not something worse
544. For a sensible sick child
545. Her willingness to take long naps and drink fluids like a champ, even though she felt awful
546. The flood of friends asking if we needed help
547. That she sleeps like a rock through the night, even though she is horribly sick
548. Our DVR and a great collection of movies to keep the sickie occupied
549. That she seemed to take an upswing this afternoon, with a lower fever, interest in food, and wanting to get up and play
550. The gymnastics scholarship that was given to our family by our local gym! All of my kids have been given free gymnastics classes for the rest of the year, no strings attached! Why? Because the coach who owns the gym loves our story and adores our kids. She just wanted to bless us and lighten our load.

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