Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Blessings for Today

651. Knowing that your writing has made a small difference in someone else's life
652. Being stuck in a very boring meeting...which allowed me the time I needed to clean out my email inbox...I hadn't done it since April of 2010!
653. Another pediatrician appointment...our fifth in the last month with this doctor alone. I am very thankful for a pediatrician that we all love!
654. Piper is gaining weight! Her ADHD medication causes her to lose weight if we're not careful. She gained a pound and a half in the last 10 days. Good news!
655. Sunny's current fever is not strep or the flu, just a virus!
656. Pepper finished the 1st grade Sparks curriculum in Awana tonight! That means he's on to extra challenges, and I think memorizing Psalm 1 is the first one.
657. A yummy Mexican dinner out with friends
658. Antics of our fluffy, beautiful kitty, Pixie. She makes me smile every day, especially when (like right now) she is curled up in a basket on top of our kitchen cabinets. Ack! She's so cute!
659. Five kids who wanted to go to bed. WHAT? When does that ever happen?
660. A generous gift from a faithful ministry partner. It covers our plane tickets to our staff conference this summer. That's HUGE!
661. The realization that adoptive moms can get postpartum depression, too.
662. The golden phrase: "Name it to tame it."
663. That identifying the source of a problem can make such a huge difference in how you view the problem...and how you view yourself
664. Knowing that this is only temporary!!!
665. Our YMCA membership that allows me to take good care of my body. Because goodness knows I need more strength and good health than ever before!
666. That God wins in the end! Take that, satan!
667. An encouraging email from my friend Ivanna this morning.
668. New photos of my four, gorgeous daughters on my living room wall
669. That the kids' pediatrician has decided to remove Bubbles' tonsils and adenoids. It should solve the snoring/runny nose/nasal voice problems she has.
670. Stepping on the scale this morning and seeing that my hours spent on the exercise bike at the Y are paying off. Oh yeah!!!

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