Friday, March 1, 2013

Team Barfy

671. A brave little girl who was willing to bare her soul at therapy yesterday
672. Positive steps on the journey toward healing from the trauma she experienced with her birth family
673. That we live 1,000 miles away from those I can honestly reassure the girls that they are safe.
674. An A+ on a math test for Snapper. What an awesome confidence builder for her, as she is in the most advanced math class the elementary school offers!
675. Bubbles zipping through a chapter book that was on a lower reading level...a book that she couldn't handle just three months ago!
676. Two playdate invitations for Piper! It's so much fun to see her developing good friendships.
677. This one is going to sound awful...but I am extremely thankful that when Sunny got sick tonight, she barfed on Matt and not on me. Vomit makes me vomit. Matt handles is better than I do.
678. For our high capacity washer and dryer, which are working overtime because Sunny refuses to barf in a bowl or in the toilet
679. For the $5 shampoo attachment Matt got for our vacuum at a rummage sale...we need it today.
680. The sweet drawing Bubbles just made for me. It's a picture of Matt and me holding hands and smiling. It says "I love you Mom and Dad" on the top. She also included close-ups of our faces, in which I am smiling, and Matt has a goatee. I love it!!! She's home from school with a fever, by the way. Ugh. I'm praying she doesn't join the barf gang...

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