Saturday, March 23, 2013

Thankful: The Spring Break Edition

741. A delightful day at Field Day at the kids' school
742. Getting to help Bubbles' teacher with the class during Field Day
743. Our school's family picnic: time enjoying the families of our children's friends
744. A dress-up play date with the neighbors across the street. Snapper, Bubbles, Piper, and Neighbor Girl C wore their pretty dresses, big hairbows, and danced together. Pepper, Sunny, and Neighbor Boy C wore their pirate costumes and terrorized the dancer girls.
745. Popcorn and fresh oranges for snack time on the lawn
746. Mockingbirds, cardinals, warblers, and finches filling the air with song
747. A gentle thunderstorm to wash the air clean on the first day of spring
748. A gentle ENT to do Bubbles' surgery yesterday
749. The happy surprise of finding out that the anesthesiologist used to go to our church!
750. That our adopted grandparents from church showed up to be moral support for Bubbles and me during the surgery
751. Successful removal of Bubbles' ginormous tonsils and adenoids
752. No vomiting in response to the anesthesia
753. Hydrocodone...Bubbles' best friend for the next few days
754. That she is having no trouble with eating or drinking
755. Waking up to the beautiful sound of rain this morning
756. That Matt is having fun taking karate with three of the kids
757. Diligent workers during morning chores today
758. The feeling of triumph that comes upon completion (cycle, fold, put away) 16 loads of laundry over the last two days. Oh yes I did! For the next three hours there will be not a single piece of dirty laundry in this house.
759. The detailed schedule I made for our Spring Break.
760. The security this detailed schedule gives my adopted girls, for whom fear of the unknown is a difficult trigger
761. Lovely anticipation of sweet times spent with my kids over the next week
762. Homemade play dough--peppermint scented green and orange scented orange play dough
763. Two hours of argue-free entertainment for the kids playing with the play dough
764. Wonderful creativity!!!
765. An Easter box in the mail from Nana
766. A card in the mail from my very best friend--just to encourage me
767. Watching Snapper practicing her karate self-defense series on Daddy
768. An hour reading to my kids
769. A nice, cold Dr. Pepper, brought to me by my husband who knew I needed a treat
770. Being able to use my teaching skills to help a friend whose child is struggling in school this year

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