Saturday, March 2, 2013

Doctor Friday and Quiet Saturday

681. That Bubbles' sleep study was normal
682. A proactive doctor who tested her for allergies right then to see if allergies are causing the big tonsils
683. That the allergy tests--all 40 of them--were negative!
684. A referral to an ENT so we can get Bubbles' tonsils and adenoids out, since there is no explanation as to why they are so huge.
685. That Bubbles was very brave for all of the examining, testing, and blood draw today
686. The fun of eating ice cream for lunch together as a reward for her courage!
687. Some epic parenting teamwork that snapped Sunny out of a massive tantrum, got her regulated, and calmed her enough that she could go to sleep. It was very satisfying!
688. That today is Saturday, and the only thing on our agenda for the day is karate this morning!
689. Gluten Free Cinnamon Chex for breakfast!

690. Hearing Pepper working so hard on his extra credit challenges for Awana! For those of you who know Awana, Pepper completed his second year Sparks handbook in November. He did the whole handbook review in one club night! He took his time working through all the extra credit verses, and finished the extra credit book on Wednesday. Now he has three challenges to complete before moving on to the next thing, (which I think is memorizing Psalm 1). His challenges right now:
1. Recite the Sparks Code word perfect, without a single prompt. (S is for Savior, 1 John 4:14; P is for Power, Psalm 147:5; A is for According to the Scriptures, 1 Corinthians 15:3; R is for Raised, 1 Corinthians 15:4; K is for Keep, James 2:10; S is for Saved, Acts 16:31).
2. Recite the books of the Bible, word perfect, no prompts.
3. Recite Psalm 23, word perfect, no prompts.
Right now he's ready to go with the Sparks Code and the New Testament books. We're working on pronunciation of a couple of Old Testament books (transition from Ecclesiastes to Song of Solomon, and transition from Habakkuk to Zephaniah). He's almost perfect on Psalm 23...just need to practice it a few more times. I love his determination, and his enthusiasm for hiding God's Word in his heart!

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