Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mommy Bragging Here!

701. Two A's and three B's for Piper, whose ADHD and SPD drastically affect her ability to focus and learn. This is a victory!
702. Two A's, a B, and two C's for Bubbles. This child repeated kindergarten, due to educational neglect with her birth family. She skipped 1st grade because of her age. To earn all passing grades under these circumstances is a HUGE thing to celebrate!
703. Both of her C's were in the C+ range!
704. Straight A's for Pepper!
705. Straight A's for Snapper!
706. That Pepper passed his gifted program screening with flying colors and now moves on the the IQ test stage. I have no doubts that he'll be accepted to the gifted program.
707. Pepper completed his three Awana challenges tonight! His next challenge is memorizing Psalm 1.
708. The fun of designing the tickets for our church's ladies' tea
709. Dinner at Five Guys Burgers and Fries
710. Plane tickets from Florida to California purchased! $129/person, each way, nonstop!!!


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