Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Friends on Easter Eve

801. My kids having the privilege of taking martial arts classes
802. Snapper really excelling at it

803. My husband getting to do something fun, just for himself. He and his buddy Wayne are taking Kempo karate together.

804. That three McDonald's deluxe breakfast platters will feed our whole family on a Saturday morning (plus three extra hashbrowns)
805. Seeing signs of growth in my when I'm able to tolerate a whole lot more from the kids without losing my temper
806. The safe arrival of some of our very best friends from Tennessee!
807. That we get to spend a whole week with Brian and Carol and their four girls (poor Pepper is so outnumbered this week)
808. Watching Snapper and Pepper pick up with Brian and Carol's girls like they were never apart (B&C were our best friends in Arkansas before they moved to Tennessee and we moved to Florida)
809. Seeing Bubbles, Piper, and Sunny fall in love with Brian, Carol, and girls. They've met before, but today it was like they've always known them!
810. Reading one of my favorite books --Tickle Monster-- to Little A (age 4), Sunny, Piper, and Pepper, and tickling them until they were screaming
811. Snapper and V (age 11) snuggled up together on my bed playing Sudoku and talking big girl talk
812. Country style ribs on Matt's new grill
813. Good conversation
814. Friends with whom distance doesn't can see each other only once or twice each year and still be as close as ever
815. My wonderful camera
816. Flat iron and curling iron, which began the process of Easter beautification tonight (Snapper and Bubbles wanted straight hair for Easter)
817. Making pretty hair bows for my four daughters' Easter outfits
818. The pure delight of my husband tickling our four younger kids before bedtime

819. Two soft, purring, adoring cats who make me so, so happy
820. That because of Jesus and what we celebrate at Easter, I don't have to fear the future

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Jennifer Richard said...

Very happy family. loving each other and make great fun together. .