Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Week After Easter

821. Five beautiful children on Easter morning
822. The best family photo we have ever taken
823. A packed out church and a message of redemption and hope
824. A relaxed Easter afternoon with some of our best friends
825. No left over Easter candy because this year we filled Easter Eggs with pocket change!
826. Nine children counting their change on the front lawn
827. An evening stroll around our lake
828. The beautiful pair of osprey nesting in the pine tree by the lake
829. Pink and orange sunsets
830. Forgiveness
831. A full day of fun at Sea World with our friends
832. The massive grin on the face of a first-time roller coaster rider
833. The pure delight of the Blue Horizons dolphin show
834. Five kids asleep in the car on the way home
835. Piper and Sunny swimming independently at swim lessons
836. Snapper getting all the classes she wanted on her middle school schedule
837. Three weeks in a row of 100% on vocabulary tests for Bubbles
838. Sunny winning a basket at our school's basket night
839. The laughter that ensued when we discovered that Sunny had won a women's perfume and lotion basket...a very expensive scent, totally inappropriate for a 5-year-old!!! (I'll be buying her some Baby Soft perfume at Walgreens to make up for the disappointment)
840. A Saturday with nothing on the calendar!

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