Friday, April 26, 2013

Checking In

921. Having the library 1/4 mile from our house
922. Kids really enjoying getting new library books each week
923. An occupational therapist who knows what he's doing
924. Finally having detailed neurological reports on Bubbles and Sunny
925. Answers, even if the answers aren't what we wanted to hear
926. A B.A. in Child Development that helps me understand the developmental issues my girls are facing
927. An involved, proactive husband
928. Playful moments this morning with Sunny, resulting in this

929. That I am comfortable in my own skin. I like who I am! I know many women who do not, and it makes me so sad. It is this sense of security in who I am that enables me to post the above photos of myself for the whole world to see and laugh at!
930. Laughter. It truly is the best medicine!

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