Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Little Things of Life

841. Designing a blog for our friends who are starting the adoption process
842. That Sunny's fever only lasted 2 days
843. The excitement of waiting for a new baby cousin who will be born no later than tomorrow!
844. A great first meeting with our local homeschooling moms' group
845. Open doors and windows at 6:00 a.m.
846. Balmy breezes carrying the scent of orange blossoms into my house from the orange grove across the street
847. Thick blossoms on our avocado tree, the promise of a rich harvest this fall
848. Fried potatoes and sausage for breakfast (thanks Matt!)
849. An A on Bubbles' spelling test from last week!
850. Lunches made the night before
851. My soft fleece robe
852. Fresh coffee in the pot
853. Children who enjoy helping me in the morning
854. Chocolate peanut butter banana smoothies made by Bubbles, all by herself!
855. Our girls' twin baby brothers now legally free for adoption, and placed in a wonderful, loving home! THIS ONE IS HUGE FOR ME. Since the girls' needs are too great and require so much of us, we're not in a place to adopt the boys. Believe me...Matt and I wrestled with this for several weeks. I am so thankful that the family they've been with since birth wants to adopt them. I have friends who are very close with that family and have told me how wonderful they are. I am tremendously relieved.
856. Only two months until the kids and I fly to California to visit family!!!
857. A big schooling decision finalized for Sunny for the fall...another relief
858. Matt and the kids biking to and from school in the gorgeous weather
859. Stopping at the local fruit stand to after school snacks
860. Watching Pepper devour three huge carrots!
861. Memories of my childhood pastor's sermon discussing how thankfulness is the antidote to discontent
862. Feeling my heart softening as I practice thankfulness, not just on my blog but in my conversations with my children
863. A huge stack of read library books to go back to the library
864. An invitation to stay with Matt's brother and his family while we're in Washington this summer
865. $40 of Kohl's cash waiting to be spent
866. A decent night of sleep after several poor nights in a row
867. The satisfaction I get from reading a good book. I would take reading a good book over watching a movie any day! In fact, if I never watched another movie in my life, I would be 100% content.
868. Both my kitties going crazy over a simple feather! Pure entertainment!
869. Watching Snapper make a conscious choice to turn her day around by adjusting her attitude
870. A fresh, new morning. A fresh day. A new start. I love the morning!

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