Friday, April 12, 2013

Heart Full of Gratitude

871. Looking outside at the gray, blustery day, feeling all cold and grumbly, and then walking outside and remembering that gray and blustery in Florida does not necessarily mean cold.
872. Showers of spring blossoms riding the wind, making it look like it's snowing
873. The unfailing Mommy instinct that kicked in and told me to take Piper to the doctor yesterday on only Day 2 of a fever and a cough
874. A proactive doctor who didn't settle for Piper saying her chest didn't hurt, but made her breathe deeper and deeper (regardless of her tears) until he heard what I suspected he might hear...pneumonia
875. Modern medical technology that allowed our doctor to see Piper's x-rays before we could even get from the radiology unit at the hospital back to his office
876. That our doctor is sensitive to her trauma history and decided to try treating her at home rather than hospitalizing her
877. That powerful antibiotics are available to us and that they are not bothering her stomach as feared
878. Big improvement in Piper this morning! She's breathing much easier and her fever has come down quite a bit.
879. Good friends who overwhelmed me with texts offering help if we needed it
880. A decent night of sleep after a week of poor nights
881. Bubbles coming to me in the night after her nightmare, and then falling asleep in my arms. For a child who rarely acknowledges her fear or admits to needing comfort, this is a very special thing.
882. Friends and family who really pray for us
883. My two littlest girls enjoying my scrapbooks
884. The fun that is to be had with coffee filters, markers, and a spray bottle of water
885. Cooking a meal for a friend who had shoulder surgery this morning
886. Bubbles' occupational therapy evaluation this afternoon
887. Cousins from Oregon flying in tomorrow!!!
888. My Peaceful Music playlist on iTunes
889. The fun of planning a new look for this blog! I'm working on it today.
890. A new baby cousin who is currently in transit from womb to world in California. I can't wait to meet you, sweet little David! Congrats to your wonderful parents!


Amy S said...

Love the new picture!

Emily said...

Thank you! =)