Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Pepper

*Warning: proud mommy post. Not bragging, just telling it as it is with the best kind of pride...the I'm proud of my sweet boy kind of pride! He's such a gift.

I love this little guy!
He's rapidly closing in on his 7th birthday, along with the end of 1st grade! He's 4'2" but still only weighs 44 pounds! His school pants are size 7 slim for length, but his underoos are size 3T. His foot is a size 2. His brain is a size extra large, and his heart? It's off the top of the percentile charts.

I had his parent/teacher conference today. His teacher this year is known for being prickly and not super sociable with the parents of her students. But that was not the case today! The whole conference was a glowing report of how much Mrs. B loves Pepper, how much he has grown academically this year, and what a delight he is to have in class. She showed me writing samples, his notebooks, and test scores. She told me stories about the astute comments he has made, and the funny things he has said. She told me how much she appreciates what a unique little person he is, and how she respects how different he is from most of his age mates. Pepper marches to his own beat, goes against the flow, and is not afraid to be himself. Just like Snapper! Mrs. B recognized the gem that my little buddy is, and she nurtured and challenged him all year. He will be promoted to 2nd grade with Mrs. B's great praise and high recommendation for a teacher who will continue to develop Pepper's potential.

Today I am thankful for...

891. Standardized math test scores that place Pepper in the 99th percentile nationwide
892. A reading grade level of 7.8
893. Passing the comprehensive phonics exam for 1st grade (100%) and 2nd grade (95%)
894. A teacher who recognizes his giftedness and has been putting gifted program standards in place for Pepper while we wait for all the paperwork and red tape that will award him official placement in the program
895. That Pepper has loved school this year after hating it last year
896. The gift of a brilliant mind
897. Big brown eyes and a sweet smile
898. His loving, generous, patient heart
899. His fabulous sense of humor
900. The amazing privilege of being Pepper's Mommy

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