Monday, April 29, 2013

The Stuff of Life

931. Listening to my husband talking about God with our kids after dinner
932. My network of blog friends...such great encouragement to me!
933. Doubling the recipe so I can put one casserole in the freezer for next week
934. Breakfast out with my husband
935. Almost 12 years of marriage and he's still my very best friend
936. My Daddy and step-momma enjoying a relaxing Hawaii cruise together
937. This week's forecast loaded with thunderstorms!!!!!
938. The wonderful fun of communicating regularly with my family in California and Oregon. Thank you God for Facebook!
939. Only 22 days of school left
940. A special brother/sister moment for Bubble and Pepper. These two kids look so much alike, even though they don't share any blood. Whenever a stranger hears our story and wants to see a photo of the kids, I ask them to guess which kids are bio and which are adopted. Almost without exception, they guess the Bubbles and Pepper are the bio kids. Tonight, those two kids were sitting at the table and they burst into laughter. In that moment, they could have been twins. It was uncanny, and I commented on it. My comment made their day. For 15 minutes after the fact, they kept poking each other and grinning, just enjoying the bond that is strengthening by the day. Almost 10 months since we jumped from two kids to five kids, and it is really feeling natural now. I love this!

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