Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Thinking Hard

731. A long chat on the phone with a fellow adoptive mom friend of mine who is dealing with one of the same frustrations we deal with in our house. It's so great to have a friend who has walked the same road and truly understands.
732. An encouraging instant message from another exactly the moment I needed to hear it
733. Finding out that a special friend from church will be going to Snapper's new school next year! He's in the same grade as Snapper!
734. Small steps of progress with Sunny's behavior. The steps are small, but we'll take whatever we can get.
735. Having spring break all scheduled out and planned so the kids are less likely to struggle with the lack of structure
736. That the library is a 1-minute drive from our house
737. A lovely, gentle thunderstorm today to welcome the first day of spring
738. Compliments on Snapper's focus, strength, grace, and maturity from both of her karate instructors
739. A phone call from the nurse who will be assisting with Bubbles' surgery on Friday. She and the surgeon both want to make the surgery a low-stress as possible for Bubbles, and she called to find out more about Bubbles' history and what they can do to help her. I am super impressed!
740. That today is over. Sometimes you just get through a day and be thankful that tomorrow has a fresh start. Today was one of those days.

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