Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Sick Day

711. It's hard to be thankful for being sick, especially when this is my 5th illness in four months. This time it's Fifth Disease. I know...it's a childhood disease. But a small percentage of adults get it, too, and I'm part of that small percentage. I guess I'm thankful that it isn't something more serious.
712. Prescription strength ibuprofen, left over from when I had the flu...I think.
713. A gray, cloudy, rainy day. The soft light is much easier on the migraine than Florida's usually bright, sunny days
714. Soft rain that fell for most of the morning
715. The beautiful bouquet of flowers that Matt brought to me this morning, just because
716. Turkey bacon arranged in a smiley face to perk me up
717. Feeling too bad to do chores this morning, which gave me a nice chunk of time in which to read through a very helpful new blog I recently discovered
718. My friend Traci's offer to come help me with the kids tonight since Matt will be at an alumni event for his college. I'll be managing homework, dinner, swim team, swim lessons, cheerleading, baths, and bedtime all by myself. Methinks I will be accepting Traci's offer!!!
719. Completed occupational therapy intake evaluation paperwork for my three adopted girls
720. Finally getting their OT evals scheduled for Friday!!! Answers are coming...I can feel it!

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