Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Good Update

721. A really good occupational therapist. I was totally impressed with his thoroughness and knowledge at Sunny's evaluation on Friday.
722. Answers to our questions about Sunny. She has sensory processing disorder, on the border between moderate and severe. Now everything makes sense.
723. That the OT offered to train Matt and me in all sorts of therapies so we are equipped to work with her at home in case our insurance doesn't give her extended coverage
724. A good appointment with Bubbles' ENT, confirming that her tonsils and adenoids need to come out
725. That they were able to get her in for surgery on the first day of spring break so she doesn't have to miss any school
726. A long chat with my friend Traci
727. A fabulous swim meet for Snapper in which she was focused, determined, and really seemed to grasp the concept of competing! It paid off...big time!
728. Ten personal best times out of ten swims!
729. 7 ribbons (the top 8 in each event get a ribbon) and a silver medal!!!
730. Hearing these magic words from her coach: "Snapper seems to have made the leap from casual swimmer to serious swimmer. She has grown up in the last month! I'm so very proud of her!"

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