Monday, February 18, 2013

Special Needs

611. The Empowered to Connect conference. It's a MUST for all foster and adoptive parents. Yes, even if you adopted a newborn baby. Life begins at conception, not at birth, and by the time that baby enters the world, he or she has already experienced nine months of life. And losing that first mommy--even at birth--is a trauma. I speak as one who knows.
612. Words of truth about what my children have been through
613. Words of hope for their future
614. Practical strategies for helping them
615. The introduction of Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) into my vocabulary--for my three adopted girls. (I already know Snapper has it, but it manifests itself differently in her than it does in the others, so I didn't see it before).
616. That tons of information is easily accessible at my fingertips, thanks to the internet
617. For a husband who steps up to the plate when I can't do it
618. For evidence that Sunny's attachment to Daddy is gaining strength by the day
619. The promise of cheeseburger soup on this cold day (It's currently 36 degrees, and peeps, that's COLD for Florida!)
620. My Barnes & Noble gift card, which is going to buy a highly recommended book on SPD.
621. A pediatrician who really listens to me
622. A pediatrician who cares about my kids and is willing to take plenty of time with us to help us get to the bottom of the issues
623. An official SPD diagnosis today for all three of my adopted kiddos
624. A referral to a child psychologist and an occupational therapist who will help us meet our girls' needs
625. For the great enjoyment I get from my part-time job (all 10 hours per month of it)
626. That Piper wrote a book today! She actually sat down and wrote a short story all by herself!
627. That Bubbles felt safe enough to disclose some new information to me tonight
628. That when I told her that she is safe with me and that I will do anything to help her heal and move forward, I looked in her eyes and saw for the first time that she believes me.
629. That none of my girls' special needs caught God by surprise. Even though no one knew the extent of their needs before they were placed with us, God knew.
630. That God will give me what I need to parent them, and that I have a strong community of supportive friends who will pray for us and help meet practical needs for our family as well. SO BLESSED WE ARE!

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