Thursday, February 21, 2013

Smiling This Morning

631. That the occupational therapist our pediatrician recommended takes the girls' insurance
632. The the sleep study clinic was able to get Bubbles in for her sleep study this coming Monday
633. That Sunny's therapy (for social/emotional developmental delays) starts today!
634. For five kids ready for school on time without prodding from me!
635. That Bubbles felt secure enough in our relationship to come crawl in bed with me when she had a nightmare, and then fell asleep in my arms and stayed there for 3 hours! This is progress, folks!
636. That after only 5 days of the love-based parenting I learned at my conference this weekend, we're seeing signs of progress with Sunny
637. Gluten free steel cut oats for breakfast
638. 4th place for car design (Sparks) for Pepper, 1st place for car design (Sparks) for Bubbles, and 3rd place for car design (T&T) for Snapper in last night's Awana Grand Prix!!! Matt won 2nd place for design in the Trek/Journey/Leaders division, but he bowed out and let his award go to a kid.
639. A martial arts studio in town that offers classes at such low rates that Snapper, Pepper, and Bubbles can take classes for a grand total of $80 per month! $80 total, not per kid! That's up to three classes per week! It's a donor funded Christian ministry with outreach as the goal. Prayer and Bible study are part of the classes. I love it!
640. Two teachers who are excellent communicators!

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