Thursday, January 31, 2013

On This Day

511. Spending an hour holding my Florida bestie's new baby, Evan. He is precious and just melts into my arms!
512. Enjoying frozen yogurt with my favorite 2 1/2-year-old, Tracie's other son, Isaac
513. A few close friends who know my heart, listen to my struggles, and lovingly encourage me
514. The peace of God that passes all understanding
515. The ability (today) to stay completely calm and be totally not bothered by Piper and Sunny's bickering this afternoon
516. The soothing effect of a warm bath on a crying child
517. The sweet nurturing times I get with my girls when I wash their hair and scrub their backs. I missed their babyhoods, nibbling their tiny toes, kissing baby cheeks and noses, snuggling them when they fit close in my arms, enjoying midnight feedings, singing lullabies in the glider at 2 a.m., whispering words of love into their tiny ears. They enjoy snuggling now, but helping them with their baths is the most nurturing thing I get to do with them. I massage their scalps, gently comb their hair, protect their eyes from the soap as I rinse their hair, and scrub their backs and in between their toes with a shower puff. I know they'll only be little enough for this for a short time, so I'm making up for lost time and making the most of it. When you adopt a child who is not a baby, there is so much that you miss!
518. Bubbles' diligent work and dedication to her studies. Every day I am more and more impressed with her!
519. The secure feeling that comes with return to our routine
520. A clean kitcehn

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