Thursday, January 24, 2013

Growing Up

Every now and then, a child will do or say something that makes me realize that they are growing up. I have seen a lot of that this week.

481. Bubbles got her first phone call tonight, from a friend at school. They chatted on the phone about 8-year-old girl things for about 15 minutes. I loved watching the delight on her face!
482. Pepper earned a special award in his class for being responsible with his studies.
483. Snapper had her entrance interview at the college prep school she'll be attending next year. She handled herself beautifully as she interacted with the principal.
484. She also received top marks on her entrance tests and earned placement in all the honors courses that are available for 6th graders!
485. Piper persevered through learning a few difficult Bible verses for Awana, and earned three jewels in one night! She couldn't memorize anything when Awana started in September. She has grown in perseverance!
486. Sunny's teachers told me she has figured out how to appropriately enter into a group of playing kids. She has stopped grabbing toys and being demanding, and she is being welcomed in by the other little girls in her class!!!
487. Snapper tweaked her knee at cross country practice yesterday. At swim team tonight, instead of complaining to her coaches or giving it a half-baked effort, she asked for a pull buoy to put between her legs to immobilize her legs. Then she swam the whole practice using only her arms! What a mature choice that required tremendous effort!
488. I haven't picked up a single piece of Piper's dirty laundry off of the floor this week. She has remembered to put her laundry in the dirty clothes basket every evening, and has put her pajamas away every morning!
489. Instead of having a fit when I disciplined him for yelling at me yesterday, Pepper humbly apologized and thanked me for loving him enough to be tough on him when he needed it. Wha???????
490. Bubbles hates taking tests on the computer. But today she decided she was tired of being the lowest reader in her class. She tackled the SRI test, and came up 87 points over her last test in December!!! 

I am so proud of my kids! And I love the glimpses I get of who they will become as they continue to grow.

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