Monday, January 28, 2013

Our Weekend--I Am Thankful!

491. A week off of making school lunches because my mother-in-law is in town. She's an early bird and made their lunches for me all week!
492. A gorgeous tea party for my little Piper's 7th birthday
493. Six little friends, three sisters, one brother, one grandma, an adopted grandma and grandpa, and two of Mommy's cousins, who had a ball helping Piper celebrate her special day
494. A rich time of fellowship and prayer with my cousins John and Daisy who were in town from Nevada on Saturday
495. Falling asleep in the sand at the beach and sleeping like a log for 3 hours
496. My wonderful MIL and hubby who kept the kids far away from me so I could take that much-needed nap
497. Gorgeous new bedding for our bed to replace the set that Miss Sunny tore up in one of her rages
498. A delightful day at SeaWorld today, just my MIL and me
499. Concerta for Piper, the first step in helping her work with her new ADHD diagnosis.
500. The success we experienced with her first three days on Concerta, and a glimpse of the quality of life Piper will be able to enjoy when we find the right balance of medication, diet modifications, and exercise for our sweet girl

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