Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tooth Fairy Flies In

401. Another tooth lost, another milestone for our little Pepper boy.
402. This precious face. Oh, how I love this boy!

403. Homeopathic remedies that actually seem to be helping me
404. Feeling well enough to get up and do some stuff around the house without feeling like crap
405. The fun of making beautiful things for Piper's birthday party. Today I made place cards, goodie bags, tissue paper flower napkin rings, and I embossed gold flowers onto the pink napkins. It is going to be a lovely, elegant tea party for my girliest girly girl.
406. That Snapper's 4th grade teacher from last year won Teacher of the Year for the school!
407. She is now in the running for the same award at the county level, and she needs a letter of recommendation from a student. She bestowed this great honor on Snapper.
408. That Snapper writes beautifully, and wrote a letter that made me cry and represents Mrs. N exceptionally well.
409. Oregon Chai tea that my husband is making for me right now
410. The hand mixer--a gift from my step-mom for Christmas--that Matt is using to froth up the chai
411. My husband's delightful silliness with the kids. Today he put Piper and Sunny in his Angry Bird pajama pants and paraded them around the living room. That's one cute, giggling pair of pants!

412. Our gracious friends Jim and Karon who are opening their home to our family while we're in Arkansas for the adoption.
413. Did I mention that they're loaning us their Suburban to use while we're there?
414. This patient cat, Zoe, who loves generously, even when a few of the kids are less than gentle with her, and that this little girl has finally learned how to treat a cat perfectly. The cat has come to love her. Quite a feat, considering how much the cat was terrified of her 6 months ago!

415. My sweet friend Erin who has adopted two special needs girls, and completely gets me and the struggles I have from time to time. Her encouragement lifts and carries me.
416. Getting two compliments at a restaurant last week, on how well behaved our children are!
417. I just realized I haven't had to blow my nose in over an hour! This is progress, people!
418. Breaking out the new flat iron Matt got me for Christmas. I didn't realize how long my hair has gotten, or how pretty it looks straight!
419. That the kids go back to school tomorrow. I love them dearly. I'm glad they're going back.

This next one is a stand-alone, a quote from my 8-year-old, Bubbles, whom we are officially adopting this month!!!

420. "Mommy, I am SO READY for Adoption Day. I just want to be yours, like, you know, officially?

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