Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Last Time

This is it! The last time I post as a foster mother (for now).
One last day.
One last dinner.
One last bedtime.
One last night.
Tomorrow is a day of new beginnings! A day of firsts.

This day is bigger to the girls than they knew it would be. All day long they have been ecstatic, asking every hour or so how many more hours until the adoption. Kate said over and over that she has never been so excited in her life! We counted down all day. It was difficult to get them all to unwind at bedtime, so they ended up falling asleep later than they should have. Fortunately, Meghan, Lexi, and Jackson all took long naps today. They're all peacefully asleep now. The special clothes are a laid out and ready. New hair bows are waiting for the girls. Jackson is looking forward to being extra handsome in his new outfit. It's going to be a special day!

We picked up my mother-in-law this morning and spent the day with her. The girls loved her, as I knew they would. We went to Mardel's so she could stock up on books. Mardel's has a wonderful clearance section. While we were waiting for her to make her selections, the kids spotted the Willow Tree Collection section in the store. We went over and started looking at the beautiful figurines. Each child found one that he or she wanted. They got me inspired, and I put together a collection of figurines that looked like our family. I wanted it. The kids were super excited and wanted me to buy it. Meghan tried to convince me that our piano needs it. I didn't want to spend $100, so I said I would think about buying it later. I was greeted by five crestfallen little faces. Shortly after, Kate and Whitney approached me. They wanted to pool their Christmas money to buy it for me. Their faces were so full of hope that I couldn't turn them down. I also didn't want them spending their money on me, so I decided to buy the set as an adoption gift for our family. All five kids were jumping up and down and cheering as I put the pieces into our cart. When we got back to Karon's house, they asked me to set it up so they could see our family. We can't wait to get home and put it up on top of the piano!


angela ford said...

Beautiful!! I love those figurines. Recently two were given to us. They so much represent my daughters that I have already chosen which other one I will buy for Christina, and I'm going to go and choose two more to represent the twins.

It's special to have your family represented like this for adoption day!!

angela ford said...

okay.... I have figured out that Snapper and Pepper are biological children. The other three are adopted?