Thursday, August 25, 2011

Project 365: Week 22

It's Meet the Teacher Day at the kids' new school. Snapper is excited to have Mrs. N for homeroom, writing, math, and science. She has Mrs. H for reading, language arts, and social studies. She has a third teacher for gifted. Busy girl! Pepper can hardly wait to start kindergarten. His biggest concern is whether or not there will be any adorable girls in his class...

Spider-man and Spider-girl. Pepper and his friend A love to dress up. I think Pepper especially loves this girl because she enjoys his collection of boy toys. She even has her own Optimus Prime costume! A is one cool little chickie! 

A's big sister S is Snapper's best girl friend. They love to be together.

First day of kindergarten and 4th grade 

Mr. Tough Guy reading...Cinderella? LOL!!!

Look at what Pepper is holding. Uncle Paul and Auntie Jessica sent him a bag of plastic bugs for his birthday. It was the most perfect gift, because he loves those bugs and plays with them every day. He is holding a grasshopper he named Popper. Look carefully at what Matt is holding. It is a real grasshopper that I named Goliath, because it is as big at the over-sized fake Popper that Pepper has! Yikes!

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