Monday, August 15, 2011

First Day of School, 2011

5 years old
Starting kindergarten
3 feet, 8 inches tall
38 pounds
Size 13 shoe, Size 5 slim shorts, Size 5/6 shirts

Three weeks shy of 9 years old
Starting 4th grade
4 feet, 4 inches tall
62 pounds
Size 3 shoe, Size 7 slim shorts, Size 8 shirt

Loving, cuddly, affectionate, friendly, creative, imaginative, funny

Generous, compassionate, kind, friendly, energetic, spunky, smart

Most looking forward to eating lunch at school.
Can't wait to see if there are any "adorable girls" in his class.

Most looking forward to making new friends.
Can't wait to learn about Greek mythology in the Gifted program.

Favorite subject is math.

Favorite subjects are math and science.

Loving each other more and more as they get older.

So happy to be together at the same school this year!

Can't understand why the kids did not come home with me. She kept vigil, sadly meowing at the door, waiting for them to come home, for 2 hours this morning. Now she is my shadow as we adjust to the quiet house together.

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momto5minnies said...

Awww, this is sweet! I hope your kiddos have a great school year!