Friday, August 12, 2011

Project 365: Week 12

I posted Week 11 today, too. Don't miss it!

Pepper's class had  pirate party to celebrate the end of the year. One of the activities was walking the plank. So cute!

My little man is a Pre-K graduate! Oh, how the time flies. (I expect I'll be saying that a lot in the coming months).

Matt and I flew to New Orleans to work at the Weekend to Remember. We had some free time, which we used to explore the French Quarter. We were totally NOT fans of NO. It is really dirty and it felt so spiritually dark. We did, however, thoroughly enjoy the food, especially the beignets from Cafe Du Monde.

At the beginning of the weekend, this couple was in serious crisis. I got to talk and pray with them several times during the weekend. On Sunday, they came to me and told me they were going home to tear up their divorce papers. Glory to God!

When we got back to Orlando, we took MIL to Campus Crusade for a tour of the Jesus Film Project. Very very cool! 

We brought back beignet mix for Snapper, and it was delish!

Last day of Pre-K and 3rd grade. *Sigh*

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